CSCE-CGS: London & District

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The London & District Section is a joint local section of the CSCE and CGS. We typically have 7 events per year, beginning in the Fall, which are attended by local practicing engineers, consultants, contractors, as well as the academic community at the University of Western Ontario and Fanshawe College. These meetings provide a venue to learn about new projects in civil and geotechnical engineering, as well as to socialize and network with other professionals. A number of local engineering firms are represented on our Executive, including AECON, AECOM, Wastell Homes, Dillon Consulting Limited, Englobe Corp., as well as the Ministry of Transportation Ontario, the City of London and professors at Fanshawe College and University of Western Ontario.
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CSCE Mission Statement

The Canadian Society for Civil Engineering (CSCE) is a learned society intended to develop and maintain high standards of civil engineering practice in Canada and to enhance the public image of the civil engineering profession.

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CGS Mission Statement

To initiate and pursue efforts leading to the technical competence and excellence of Canadian geotechnical and related geoscience professionals.

About CSCE National

The Canadian Society for Civil Engineering promotes the development, acquisition and exchange of professional knowledge in the field of Civil Engineering. The CSCE is supportive of the work led by academics, private institutions, and other organizations that deal with Civil Engineering since 1887. Collaborating with sister organizations, the CSCE also promotes Civil Engineering among the general public and governmental institutions in Canada and abroad.
CSCE National Strategic Directions

In June 2012, the Board of Directors approved the following three Strategic Directions for CSCE. These three Strategic Directions will be integrated into all aspects of CSCE’s operation over the coming years.

  • The CSCE will provide services and benefits to members within all areas of civil engineering activity, targeted to their specific career development needs.

  • The CSCE will develop programs and benefits that will support students and Young Professionals, targeted to their specific career development needs.

  • The CSCE will influence how public infrastructure in Canada is planned, designed, constructed and maintained.

Upcoming Events

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